Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing – A Casual Review

Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing – A Casual Review

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A classic from my younger years. A popular arcade title of its time, how does it hold up today? A bit different of a game for me to look at being an arcade title, but I played this so much back in the day I had to give it a revisit. Fun casual arcade racing, and the announcer is still as awesome as ever!

This game barely works on Windows 10, a lot of special video editing to make it work. Maybe we could use a remastered edition!

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5:45 Time Trial Mode
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22:06 Final Thoughts

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  1. If you love announcers like that or rather even better ones and good arcade racing games which also benefit from driving via steering wheel I highly recommend to you to maybe even review the DOS game Whiplash (a.k.a. Fatal Racing). It features an SVGA mode and the cars available in that game even handle differently and you can do pitstops.

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  2. Try running it in an emujlator called PCem. You would have to install windows 95/98 inside the emulator, and select a voodoo card or something like that. Might work better for you.

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  3. Oh god.
    I had this game and totally forgot about it. It was included in a box set which also had grand prix 2 in it (which was much too hard for me).
    Since I live in Austria and didn't understood English I always wondered what an Al Unser is

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  4. I have a suggestion for you. original rFactor has a great Formula One mod called SRM F1 1990. I really suggest you do this one in a featurette style like this video. Here's a small clip to give you an idea of the detail…

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  5. Whenever I see fictional tracks in a game, I try to see if they got the idea from a real one. Track 1 is pretty obvious, just a rectangle. In my opinion, 5 looks like Road Atlanta, 9 like Kyalami.

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  6. I remember having a collection of demo games for windows. In a virtual space station you would walk around to spacy music and select the demo you wanted to try depending on the room you were in.
    Al Unser only had one track but what does a 7 year old care?

    Had a quick search for it:

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  7. I can remember a racing arcade game in the 1970 at our local tourist attraction place. it was pre video style, it operated by a light behind frosted glass with the steering wheel operating a mechanical arm with your car attach to it. the track would appear to come to you in a continual curve with arrival cars coming at you a bit like space invaders do and you dodged them. it was probably built in the 1960's or perhaps earlier. it was very very clunky and vague, and completely uninspiring. but it was all there was, and we would still jump on it and have a go. 🙂

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  8. I remember this game from my childhood. Like most racing games, it took a back seat to my obsession of F1 World Grand Prix, but I enjoyed it. Somewhat recently I downloaded it, but even with the fastest cars and not replacing Unser Jr., it was very easy to dominate the championship. When I was a kid it was the right difficulty for me, so that was disappointing. My big complaint with the driving is that it's basically impossible to put in a medium amount of steering lock… I know it's a keyboard game, but they could've done better.

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  9. The thing I remember about this game is that you could use mouse movement for steering and maybe even throttle/brake, to get analog control without a joystick or wheel. It worked really well, great fun.

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